Gangnam Yonsei Sarang- Best Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy, Seoul, South Korea

Gangnam Yonsei Sarang is a premier provider of stem cell therapy for various orthopedic ailments. Strategically located in Seoul, South Korea, the clinic helps patients with joint and various other orthopedic problems. They provide the expertise of their staff and prowess in stem cell therapy along with some of the finest facilities that can be found in Asia.

Gangnam Yonsei Sarang has more than 15 years of experience and they cater to patients of all ages, offering services like joint care and surgery. Encompassing an R&D center, the clinic constantly works on finding new ways to solve patients’ problems, and one of the results of such a work is the minimally-invasive knee treatment using stem cell therapy.


  • Knee Joint
  • Spinal care
  • Hip Joint
  • Ankle surgery
  • Upper extremity joints surgery, etc.

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